All About Fall... R-3 Launches Tonight!

Can you believe it's September?? Time to celebrate with our new fall colors!! In the third release of our Festive Fall Icings, you can purchase the ballet beauty's "Light Pink," our trendy "Taupe," and the year round favorite "Coral."

Sew Sassy is excited to announce the 3rd Release of our Festive Fall Icing Collection... Thursday, September 3rd @ 7:30pm CST!

Carting Tips... For easy access to these Icings, choose SHOP from the top menu and then FESTIVE FALL within the drop down. All items from this release will be located under Shop - Festive Fall. All three color options will be listed under a single product called "R3 Coral, Taupe & Light Pink." All you need to do is select your color and size, then add it to your cart. Just repeat the same process if you want more colors.

If you want to hit $50 for free shipping, plan ahead by adding a Flutter Tank or a pair of Icing Capris! Remember, items will not be held until you click Checkout. You then have 5 min to place your order.  

Check out the online Upcoming Releases calendar to browse all of our future release dates! 

September 02, 2015 by Sew Sassy Marketing