Sew Sassy's Buzzing Into Spring Collection

Here are all the details for Sew Sassy's upcoming Buzzing Into Spring Collection, this Thursday - April 13th... All clothing products will load to our website at 7:30pm (Central) under "BUZZING INTO SPRING" collection for easy shopping! 

04/13/2017 Buzzing Into Spring
Julep Ruffle Shorties $14.99
Sunflower Icing Capris $15.99
Black Puff Capris $15.99
Bumble Bloom Pearl $29.99
Bumble Bloom Bloomers $8.00
Bumble Bloom Newborn Bubble $23.99
Black Momma Ruffle Capris $24.99




Here are all the details for our upcoming Bows by SSB Release, this Thursday - April 13th... All bows will load to our website at 8:00pm (Central) under "BOWS BY SSB" for easy shopping! Bows will load by COLOR, simple select your color, then choose a SIZE from the drop down and ADD TO CART (just like you would with Icings, click on the product image in the color you want and select your size).

*Specialty Bows will load under their own product. 

04/13/2017 Bows by SSB
Newbie (BLACK & SUNFLOWER) $4.95
Classic 4" (BLACK & SUNFLOWER) $10.95
Classic 5" (BLACK & SUNFLOWER) $11.95
Classic 6" (BLACK & SUNFLOWER) $12.95
Double 4" (BLACK & SUNFLOWER) $13.95
Double Up 5" (BLACK & SUNFLOWER) $15.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Newbie $7.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Tot  $10.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Piggies $13.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Classic 4" $13.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Classic 5" $14.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Classic 6" $15.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Double 4" $16.95
Bee's Knees - Specialty Double Up 5" $18.95


More Info at: Sew Sassy Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter -- Introducing Bows by SSB



Please always review the SIZE CHARTS. Reminder, visit our Shopping Tips for more details on Carting with SSB!

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Note: Sew Sassy does not approve the mass redistribution or re-sale of its products. Therefore, orders deemed suspicious in nature may be cancelled at any time, and a full refund will be provided.




April 12, 2017 by Sew Sassy Marketing