Carting with SSB... Tips and Details!

Carting with SSB... Tips and Details!


For easy access to this week's release, choose SHOP from the top menu and then select the COLLECTION to view all of our amazing colors and styles!

**NOTE: Some orders will not ship until the day after products are sold, do not be concerned if you do not receive a shipping confirmation the night of your purchase.   


SSB Contact Info 

If you wish to contact Sew Sassy regarding your purchase, please email us at! Our standard business hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm CST. For general Q&A, browse through our FAQS Page or visit our Facebook Group Page.


Shopping Tips Update - 2017

Due to a recent update to our website platform, inventory will no longer be reserved at any point during the shopping OR checkout process (there will no longer be a five minute inventory hold). This update was necessary in order to combat online shopping "BOTS" who were creating major problems for many online retailers. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will continue to research the issue and look for possible solutions. As always, we will keep our Sassy Family informed as any changes occur!


Shipping Policy Update - 2017

Sew Sassy is pleased to offer our customers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $125! We do not offer "order combining" services for US customers. Due to USPS rate increases, the estimated shipping cost for 1 pair of icings starts at $4.25. If you are worried about losing a "must have" item from your cart, we would suggest checking out multiple times (if you cart it, checkout immediately). Even with multiple shipping charges, it will be cheaper than buying from the B/S/T page -- and at least you will get the items you really want! 

Sew Sassy is pleased to now offer customers the option of "Priority Shipping" -- this guarantees USPS delivery within 2 - 3 business days and provides up to $50 of insurance on your package (rates start at $7.25). Our "Standard Shipping" is USPS First Class, and estimates a delivery timeframe of 3 - 5 business days. The "Priority" option is perfect for when you need your adorable goodies in a hurry!


Timing is everything! Stay Fresh... And Refresh!

All items will load on Thursday nights at 7:30pm CST - be on the site, be ready to cart the item(s) you want and keep refreshing! Some shoppers have noticed a slight delay or "lag" in the processing time, but this is entirely dependent upon device speed and connection. If the item you are looking for does not immediately appear, we recommend REFRESHING until you see it, the delays could take up to 60 seconds. Once you see the item, grab it and go... 


Successful Carting Strategies...

If you have access to a computer, use it! Over 90% of SSB customers are attempting to cart from a mobile device or tablet... This can slow you down!  The mobile/tablet versions of the website tend to have some "lag time" that is avoidable by carting directly from a computer - and as you all know, every second counts on a load night!

Once you have the items in your cart, move to checkout and complete the payment process -- FAST! Unfortunately, items can sell out from the time you put an item in your cart, to the time you check out. Carting does not ensure that you will be able to make a purchase. We recommend shopping quickly to avoid this issue. Many people also suggest having your CC number copied to simply paste and pay in seconds. 

Other Helpful Tips: 

  • Create a SSB Customer Account¬†and use "Remember Me" to save your billing and shipping information so that you do not have to enter it during checkout --¬†and be sure to¬†login to your account BEFORE the Sew Sassy Release.¬†This will speed up¬†your checkout process.
  • Consider using Apple Pay! Apple Pay allows you¬†to pay easily and securely. With Apple Pay, you will be able to check out using Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.¬†When you pay for your¬†order using Apple Pay, you¬†don't need to manually enter your¬†credit card information or shipping address. You¬†will tap the "Apple Pay" button and scan your¬†fingerprint, and Apple Pay will provide that information to the payment provider.
How do I opt-in for Remember Me?
The first time you check out with a store that uses Remember Me, you'll be asked if you want to save your information for a faster checkout. Simply check the box and enter a valid mobile phone number, then complete your order.

How do I opt-out of Remember Me?
You can opt-out of Remember Me at any time by clicking the opt-out link in the registration email you received after opting-in. When you opt-out, all your stored information will be deleted from our servers. If you lose the registration email, then you can email to opt-out instead.

How is my information stored and shared?
When you use Remember Me, your information is securely stored on Shopify's servers. Any credit card data is stored in compliance with PCI standards. Your shipping and billing information is only shared with the Shopify stores you buy from.


 Thanks to SSB Customer Lauren P. for this awesome graphic... A picture is worth 1,000 words! Read the section below for a more detailed explanation.


Inventory Issues vs. Out of Stock

There are times when you may see this message, but then seconds later the item is back in stock and available to cart. This is why... When there are 1,000 Size 2 - Black Icings in  stock and 1,001 people try to cart the item at the exact same time, the system registers that there is not enough stock to fulfill those orders and notates "Inventory Issues." We recommend going right back to the previous page and trying again!

This is why you will hear many "professional-carters" often note that there is a level of luck involved with carting on a release night. It also helps to explain why there are sometimes "Inventory" issues only seconds after the launch, but then more product can instantly become available. Unfortunately, this is an issue for all high-volume, high-demand online boutiques and why its always good to try again (and again) as soon as you see those messages. Here is a sample scenario:

At 7:30:25pm (meaning 25 seconds past 7:30pm - and yes, it is that specific!!)    

1,000 Black Icings (Size 2) In Stock --- 1,001 SSB Customers click "Add to Cart" for Black, Size 2 --- Site will show "Out of Stock" for all of those customers and there are actually still 1,000 Icings available to purchase. If there were only 999 customers trying at that very second, for the same item/color/size, there would not be a problem, and the items would add to each shopper's cart.


Logins are helpful, but not required!

For all existing Sew Sassy customers, feel free to use your login for a quick and easy check out. If you have purchased from Sew Sassy in the past and you forgot to setup a login, email us at (Subject: Request Login) and we will email you an invite. If you are a first time customer, be sure to setup a login as you checkout. Logins are only provided for existing customers.

The following blog from Sweet Tea Proper offers even more carting tips and suggestions - How to Cart, Buy, Sell, and Trade Popular Children’s Clothing Brands!


SSB Size Charts 

Based on customer feedback, in July of 2016 Sew Sassy modified sizing on some of our most popular products! Please review the sizing carefully before placing your order. 




January 13, 2016 by Sew Sassy Marketing

A Message from the Ladies of Sew Sassy

Hi Everyone,

In preparation for tonight’s launch, we wanted to pause and take a moment to thank each one of you for being such loyal Sew Sassy customers! We are so blessed to have such a tremendous following and we are thrilled to be able to offer you these amazing products at such affordable prices.  

Several months ago, when we were planning for our fall icing releases, we based our quantities according to our expected sales, just as any new business would. Since that time, as you may have noticed, we have seen tremendous growth! It makes us so happy to see how much you all LOVE our products, and that is why we strive to offer customer service with a ‚Äúpersonal touch,‚ÄĚ to keep each one of you coming back to enjoy new items!¬†

We are growing rapidly, and that being said, we know many of you are becoming discouraged while trying to cart your favorite goodies that are selling out before you can checkout. As we restock and put more products into production, we are taking each one of you into consideration. ¬†We ask that you bear with us as we work our way through these ‚Äúgrowing pains,‚ÄĚ because in the end, you guys are the secret to Sew Sassy‚Äôs success!

As always, we promise to continue offering fabulous, high-quality products, paired with above and beyond customer service.  Should you have any direct questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at!

Happy shopping!!!


The Ladies of Sew Sassy




August 27, 2015 by Sew Sassy Marketing