Life Before Icings...And All That SASS!

- Guest Blog 

I first met this trio about 15 years ago (wow!), and have been thrilled that fate recently placed us in a position to work together on some exciting projects. In my eyes, these ladies will always be seen as "The Twins and Anna." For those who are new to the brand or for you tried and true, self-proclaimed Sew Sassy Addicts, this is a rare glimpse into the lives of the ladies who brought you Icings, Pearls and all the fabulous ruffles you adore!

When you see a picture of their sweet families, you immediately think how lucky and adorable these kids are! You know that they have a closet full of SSB goodies and just assume that their mommies are clothing industry tycoons... What you don't see are the late nights of packing and shipping until 3am, the business meetings accompanied by 6 (or more) rambunctious toddlers, the Facebook updates from the carpool line, the email responses written while rocking a baby to sleep or the excitement felt when watching (in absolute shock) as thousands of people visit, all hoping to buy that first pair of fall icings.

Growing up with small means, these ladies truly understand the value of a dollar and developed Sew Sassy as an affordable option for mommies everywhere, mommies who enjoy dressing their babies with style - but without breaking the bank. Their work ethic is a force to be reckoned and from their own stories, can be greatly attributed to the example set forth by their strong-willed and hard-working mothers.

Going through life as the best of friends since the 1st grade, when you talk to them you would think they were all real sisters. They do everything together, literally everything! After graduating from college, their youthful bond carried right over into adulthood. Once married, they ironically all three found themselves pregnant at the exact same time. Roughly a year later, history repeated itself, and today, with a crew of 5 girls and 1 boy, they have woven their friendship into a growing online boutique business.

Their staff consists of themselves, who along with their helpful and supportive husbands, manage to develop new products, provide incredible customer service and find time to keep their household under control. The term "stay at home mom" really doesn't apply when your home also serves as your office, warehouse, daycare and photography studio. They follow the golden rule and the success of this brand is a true testament to their character and perseverance.

You may have never given much thought about life “behind the scenes” at Sew Sassy, but when they say that these products are made with love, they mean it! With all of the upcoming restock events and new product launches, there are sure to be tons of new #SassyFriends in the making, and when they ask, “What is so special about this brand?” you can tell them all about this trio, their lifelong sisterhood and how they developed a brand with mommies in mind and their own children at heart!!


September 23, 2015 by Sew Sassy Marketing