Sew Sassy Gives Back... Charity Auction

Okay, so here are the details on today's Sew Sassy Charity Auction... Sew Sassy will match the top bid donation amount for each item, and all proceeds will be given back to those in need this holiday season.

- Items will be posted to SSB's Facebook Photo Album, 2015 Holiday Auction

- Items will be posted throughout the day to the Album, and an Opening and Closing time will be listed in the photo description. (Closing Bid time will be the official "cut-off" time, all posts are timestamped, and we will strictly go by those times listed)

- Some items will be a set color and set size. Other items will be a set color, but YOU choose the size! Details will be listed in the photo description. 

- ONLY LEAVE YOUR BID AMOUNT as a comment on the photo! Do not include your email, size, etc. We will reach out to the winners via Facebook Private Message. 


Good luck! We can't wait to spread some Sew Sassy blessings to those in need! 

December 09, 2015 by Sew Sassy Marketing